We all belive in:


  • ORGANIC & SUSTAINABLE FARMING - most of us are long certified organic / biodynamic, a few are not yet although they  pursue the principles of sustainable agriculture  [lotta integrata] opting for  low-impact treatments against the key vine diseases (i.e. 'copper sulfate' and 'bouille bordelaise' as opposed to chemical herbicides / pesticides). Find out   about every single Producer's vineyard management  at -->
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  • COMMITTMENT TO ITALY'S NATIVE GRAPES - did you know Italy is home to over 500 native grape varieties? the  largest heritage of viticultural bio-diversity in the world. With all the due respect to Cabernet, Merlot and Chardonnay...there's life beyond them! Escape the International Grapes Boredom and treat yourself  with the multi-colored,  multi-flavored galaxy of Italy's ancestral varieties. 


  • PRESERVATION OF OLD VINES & OLD PRUNING SYSTEMS - we are against the standardization and mechanization of the vineyard! we believe there's a reason why  our ancestors selected unique vine-tending & pruning systems after trials and errors over the centuries, adapting to the local climate, soil and native grapes. We work hard to keep alive those ancient, labor-intensive, all-manual  pruning systems,  replanting old massale  clones, because they yield  better wines that are true to our terroir

  • MINIMUM IMPACT WINEMAKING - when we are about to transform our grapes into  wine in the cellar, we are inspired by the look of our fathers, our kids and our clients. We recall all the hard-work we've been doing  for months out there in our vineyards. We want to prove it, we want to affirm it.  Therefore we strive to produce wines that are as natural and untouched as possible, although still stable enough for long-distance shipment. The vintage permitting, we commit to ambient yeasts fermentation, we never do acidification or de-acidification, no arabic gum, no liquid tannins, no reverse osmosis,  zero or very light filtration, zero or light fining with a very conservative, lower-than-average use of sulfites / So2.

  • STABLE  ETHICAL PRICING - our prices are  competitive and stable over the years for each respective appellation / category, because they reflect the minimum necessary profit we need to make to keep our wine estates going;  we all are family-run estates in business since two, three or four generations, meaning our vineyards and cellar facilities are long downpaid and fully amortized. This makes a difference.

Now...get a glass and judge our wines by yourself! :)


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