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Please email us with any additional question or concern BEFORE ORDERING.


1) All prices are net, subject to stock, for 0,75 Lt bottles, valid for the fiscal year in effect  and meant EXW / EX Cellar - Italy unless otherwise indicated.  Please inquire  by mail  for FOB - Italy prices.

2) Please send all orders and inquiries  to info@unovino.it  (the relevant Producer/s  will immediately answer your query)

3) All orders shall meet a minimum volume requirement of 1   pallet (= 600 to 720 bottles, depending on each Producer's packaging). Mixed pallet orders are acceptable (= mixed wines from the same Producer).  Mixed pallet orders for wines made by  different Producers are acceptable but subject to our approval and written confirmation.

4) For “Private label” wines the minimum volume requirement is 3.000 to 5.000 bottles/item. Each single Producer may accept  or any order not meeting this minimum, at his/her own discretion.

5) For "Bulk  wines" the minimum volume requirement is  n.1 container 40ft  (= 220 Hl.). Every bulk wine  is quoted €/Lt. with EXW / EX Cellar Incoterm and  meant 'fined, filtered and stabilizied', that is to say ready for bottling at your premise and complete with all the chemical analysis necessary for the Custom clearance in your country.

6) All orders are subject to our acceptance and Order Acknowledgment. We may refuse any order at our discretion.

7) Your order may be placed by fax, email or post and will be accepted by us by fax and/or email and evidenced by our order acknowledgement form which we will email, fax or post to you. A contract is automatically formed when the Producers issue an order acknowledgement form complete with pro-forma invoice to you, listing the key information about your order [description of the goods object of your order, their total amount, their format, their pricing and date of availability for consolidation/collection]. We require that you read the order acknowledgment form and enclosed pro-forma invoice, sign the two documents for acceptance and return copy of them to us by either fax, email or post.

8) Although it rarely happens, we have to state that prices are subject to change over time. We reserve the right to correct pricing errors. We reserve the right to vary the products as described in our brochures and on our website, including prices and descriptions. Information in our brochures and on our website is provided for general information only and will not automatically form part of any contract.

9) Purchase orders sent by customers may be cancelled during the 7 working days following our acceptance and message of acknowledgment.

10) The Producers require that each order contains the correct and complete information about: a) name of company, business address, delivery address, individual in charge for issuing purchase orders and keeping correspondence with our Producers; b) date of order; c) list of items object of the order, complete with vintage (if any), format, number of units, packaging instructions, deadline for delivery and EXW vs. FOB Italy Incoterm; c) payment instructions, if different from point 11) (see below). Failure to provide the aforementioned details may result in the rejection of your order and Prodcuers won't  be liable regarding your inability to obtain any particular item from our portfolio.

11) Unless otherwise negotiated, all purchase orders must be paid within 7 working days from the date of invoice through international bank transaction. In exchange for  pre-payment,  the Producers grant you a 3% discount on the net Export prices and 2%  free samples (for the  first purchase order only).

12) If, for any reason beyond our due diligence and reasonable control, we are unable to supply the products, we will: (a) notify you as soon as possible after receipt of your order; (b) give you the choice either to: (i) cancel your order; (ii) where possible or reasonably practicable, have the missing items replaced with others of equal quality and value at no additional cost to you.

13) Once the products have been collected at the Producer's address by the appointed carrier / shipper, the Producer automatically ceases to be liable for transportation issues, and customer automatically becomes solely accountable for the appropriate handling and safe shipment of the wines. The Prodcuer reserves the right to evaluate the safety of the shipping instructions received from customer, and may refuse to ship if  the instructions appear inappropriate or unsafe.   

14) No sales to private customers.


15) In the event the Producer mistakenly ship you products that are not consistent with your original purchase order (either in quality or quantity), we will replace them at our expense or credit you with the difference of value calculated on the Export pricelist currently in force. You must notify us in writing or by fax or mail within 90 days from the date of delivery. Products and all packaging should be kept untouched until we inform you whether we want to repatriate the goods or not.


16) Producers will only accept liability: (a) if something done negligently by us or one of our employees causes death or personal injury; (b) if something done negligently or unlawfully by us or one of our employees causes damage or loss to your property; (c) for breaches of the contract; (d) if we or one of our employees knowingly misleads you about either the contract or the products

17) We shall not be liable under any circumstances for: any losses that were not foreseeable by us or you when the contract was formed; (b) losses that were caused by the shipper / carrier appointed by the customer.

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